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After Childbirth ... What should I expect of my body

After Childbirth ... What should I expect of my body

Physiotherapy can help new mothers recover after childbirth from symptom that are normal, as well as extreme.

What is Normal Post Delivery?

During childbirth, whether you had a vaginal delivery or a caesarean delivery, your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles have been stretched.

In the weeks following childbirth a lot of healing takes place. Good habits including proper posture and gentile exercises of the pelvic floor muscles can help prevent problems down the road.

Rest is also essential. Your body and muscles have been under extreme stress over the course of your pregnancy and it needs time to recuperate and heal. Everyone knows their own body best, so remember not to rush the process and take things slow.

These  are symptoms or issues you can expect between 0-8 weeks post delivery:Bottom discomfort and not knowing how to sit or stand.

  • Pain in your back, hips, or pubic area.
  • Difficulty with control over your bowels or bladder.
  • Pain in your neck, arms, back, and hips.

What is Not Normal?

Women often times feel alone after childbirth and many suffer from issues that they were simply unaware existed. 

Amy Davis in An Open Letter to the Man who Delivered my Baby writes: “Sadly it seems that a large percentage of women assume their symptoms are normal after having a child or feel ashamed and embarrassed by their condition and choose to suffer in silence”.

Getting help from a pelvic health physiotherapist early on is recommended. At this point these symptoms will often not go away on their own and improper treatment or care can lead to further issues.

At 8 weeks post delivery the following issues or symptoms are NOT normal:

  • On going back, pelvis, groin, or abdominal pain that is not improving.
  • Leaking urine; whether it is when coughing or laughing, or after a strong urge. This is also not normal after physical activity such as jumping or running.

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