• Physiotherapy Sports Injury Clinic

    Comprehensive Physiotherapy services in Orleans.

    Our team of physiotherapists provides a wide range of comprehensive rehabilitative and preventive services to the Orleans community.

    About Our Clinic
  • Orleans' Physiotherapy & Pelvic Health Clinic Specialized Pelvic Physiotherapy for Whole Body Health.

    Our Orleans Physiotherapists provide specialized services and treatments for a comprehensive range of pelvic floor conditions.

    Pelvic Health at Motion Works
  • Orleans' Physiotherapy & Pelvic Health Clinic Pre-Natal & Postpartum Care for your changing body.

    Stay healthy throughout your pregnancy and recover faster after giving birth with our specialized pre-natal and postpartum care services.

    Pre-Natal & Postpartum Care
  • Ottawa's Physiotherapy & Pelvic Health Clinic Comprehensive Physiotherapy with a focus on Prevention.

    Our orthopedic physiotherapists specialize in musculoskeletal injury, and focus on maximizing day-to-day health and wellness beyond recovery.

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Motion Works Physiotherapy & Sports Injury, Orleans

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Our experienced and caring Orleans Physiotherapists help our patients achieve healthier, more active lives.

Orleans Pelvic Physiotherapist

Your Pelvic Health Pelvic Physiotherapy

Our Pelvic Physiotherapist is specially trained in the assessment and treatment of pelvic conditions.

Orleans Physiotherapist, Ottawa

Information for New Patients Your First Visit

During your appointment with us, we'll assess your needs and develop a goal-oriented treatment plan just for you.

Ottawa Physiotherapist Orleans

Prevention & Rehabilitation Our Services

We provide our Orleans patients with a broad range of preventive and rehabilitative physiotherapy services.

Ready to get started on the path to better mobility and a healthier lifestyle?

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At Motion Works Physiotherapy, our registered physiotherapists provide preventive and rehabilitative services with a focus on pelvic health to our Orleans and Ottawa patients.

Orleans Physiotherapist & Pelvic Helath ServicesWhether you are suffering from an acute injury, a chronic degenerative condition, or pelvic dysfunction, or would like to prevent injuries by maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle, our physiotherapists can help.

Motion Works is committed to evidence based, client-centered care, as we integrate the latest research findings and clinical skills into our treatment plans.

Our pelvic physiotherapist focuses on treating/healing pelvic conditions and maximizing the health and wellness of new mothers, both during pregnancy and after birth. We also offer a broad spectrum of orthopedic physiotherapy and sports injury services, to help our patients prevent and recover from injury and disease.

Beyond pain resolution, treatment at Motion Works is regarded as a long-term lifestyle change that will help our clients be healthier and more active over time.

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