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Virtual Physiotherapy

Our Physiotherapists in Orleans offer Virtual Physiotherapy appointments when you cannot make it into our office. We can help restore your physical function and mobility from the comfort of your home.

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What is Virtual Physiotherapy?

When you cannot make it into our clinic because of safety concerns, kids, scheduling conflicts, or for any other reason, we make it easy to connect with your Physiotherapist via videoconferencing.

Your virtual video physiotherapy appointment takes place in your home giving us greater insight into your daily life and allowing us to review your home exercises in your own space or home gym.

Since we are ‘in your home’ we can see things we would never see during a clinic visit.

Virtual Physiotherapy at MotionWorks Physiotherapy in Orleans, ON
  • After a few weeks of working from home with a less than optimal workstation and a bad posture to prove it, I scheduled a virtual physio appointment at @evephysio at @orleansmotionworks. I highly recommend this online service! The set up was easy (click of a link) and I was provided clear instructions throoughout my assessment and while learning my home exercise program. It was as if we were in the same room!
    - C.G.
Virtual Physiotherapy at MotionWorks Physiotherapy in Orleans, ON

How does a virtual appointment work?

Your appointment with a registered Physiotherapist will be over teleconference to address your concerns and make a treatment plan from the comfort of your home! You will be provided a teleconference web-link prior to your appointment.

How can a physiotherapist diagnose me online, without touching me?

Our physiotherapists’ ability to diagnose you is not limited with virtual appointments. With our extensive education and experience, we can evaluate your issues and develop a treatment plan during a thorough virtual consultation.

Appointment Process

We offer teleservice appointments on multiple platforms and on all devices.

We can adapt to the technology that you have available although it is best if you have a webcam and microphone.

First, we send you a link to join the teleconference call on a computer, tablet, or phone. Like any assessment, we start with a chat / Q&A to discover what issues you are having and how it is impacting your day to day life. 

Next, your physiotherapist will have you perform certain movements and tests to rule in or rule out a possible cause.

Then, we will review strategies for pain management, movement, and function improvement, such as exercises to manage your goals and get you feeling better as soon as possible.

Virtual Appointment FAQs

When is a virtual appointment a good idea?

Virtual appointments can be equally effective for current and new clients in many situations.

Current Clients

If you are a current client but can not make it to the clinic for an in-clinic appointment.

 Check-in with your physiotherapist about your progress

Progress your specialized exercise program

 Implement strategies for self tissue release 

 We will provide education on pain science and relief

New Clients

If you need advice about a new condition or problem and how to manage it.

 We can assess movement restrictions

 We can teach your self palpation to determine tissue tension

Implement specialized exercise program

Implement strategies for self tissue release

Manage your pain

We will provide education on pain science and relief

We are accepting in-person and virtual appointments.

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