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Yearly Health Insurance: Use it or lose it

Yearly Health Insurance: Use it or lose it

We’re coming near the end of 2018, and for many individual’s extended health benefits insurance renewal date is December 31st.   Do you take advantage of allied health services covered under your plan?  Considering you are paying into these health benefit plans, often automatically withdrawn from your pay cheque, you should know your plan and coverage, and use it!

Many recognize and have experienced physiotherapy and massage therapy services, when injured or in pain, but do you know what role we plan in PREVENTION, EDUCATION, WELLNESS. As the saying goes … "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".

Consider some of our pro-active service options, as you evaluate your health benefit plan coverage and how to maximize on the money already spent!

Massage Therapy
  • Feeling stressed?  Need some ‘me’ time?
Sport/Hobby Conditioning/Readiness
  • Getting ready to hit the ski slopes or trails?
  • Thinking about a fitness new years resolution?
  • Kids starting new sport season soon?
  • Have an injury you don’t want to get worse, with the start of a winter activity?
Pre-natal Consultation/Preparation Visit (pelvic floor physiotherapy)
  • Our pelvic physiotherapists consult with new moms, about 6 weeks before due date, to review labour & delivery tips, as well as early post-partum self-care.
Post-partum Exercise Consultation 
  • Just had a baby?  Ready to get back into shape?  Trying out Crossfit, or going back to running?  STOP ….. get checked now, to make sure you are ready and won’t cause any problems.
Running Assessment/Program
  • Heidi McClintock, PT, avid runner herself, has extensive experience in running assessments & conditioning.
Personalized Exercise Program
  • Whether for home; work; or the gym, get the RIGHT exercises that will work toward your goals and minimize injury risk.
Balance Assessment & Training Program
  • How’s your balance?  Afraid for the coming ice/snow & falls risk?
  • Get assessed and a balance/proprioception training program.  You are never too old, or too young, to improve your balance!!

We are accepting in-person and virtual appointments.

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