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Six Health Habits to Start the New Year Off Right!

Six Health Habits to Start the New Year Off Right!

It is that time of year again ... when people make new years resolutions and aspire to change something in the coming year, 2019.  Though many would say, if you want to make a change you do not need a certain day to do it.  That day is any day!   

More often then not, new years resolutions revolve around health, weight loss, eating, and exercise habits.  Before jumping in, make sure you do a bit of planning and preparation, in order to increase your success rate with your resolution!   Whether you have chosen one, started to change, or dropped off already, there is still time to get "back on the band wagon"!

For more information and tips, read Susan Macfarlane's, Registered Dietitian at our sister clinic the Nepean Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Centre, recent blog post here.

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