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5 Benefits of Physiotherapy

5 Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physical therapy, or physiotherapy, is a great method of treating patients at any age in order to prevent diseases, restore your body's function and alleviate pain. Here, our team of dedicated Orleans physiotherapists will explain 5 ways that physiotherapy can help to improve your health.

Physiotherapy is an excellent option for restoring mobility, alleviating pain, halting discomfort and preventing disease in patients of all ages. The team pf physical therapists at out Orleans clinic are able to customize treatment plans to help you restore your body's function if they have been impacted in any way by illness, injuries or other conditions.

Physiotherapy encourages and supports a healthy and active lifestyle, while also treating the condition tits treatment plan is designed to address. Physiotherapy is often considered a conservative approach to treating a wide variety of health issues. Your primary care physician will often use physiotherapy as a conservative first method of treatment for a condition before resorting to more invasive treatment options. 

Here are 5 ways that physiotherapy can positively impact your health:

Recovery from sports injury or prevention of sports injury

Physiotherapists are familiar with sports and the kinds of injuries common to playing each one.

Not only can physical therapists provide your with treatment to help you get back out to the field, on the track, they are able to provide you with an exercise plan of preventative activities to help strengthen your body. Our team of physiotherapists are dedicated to making sure that you're back to your normal life as quickly and safely as possible.

Reduce or Eliminate Pain

The manual techniques and exercises which physiotherapists use during their treatments can help to both restore function to your joints and muscles and can reduce or completely eliminate pain which is associated with those health issues. 

Physiotherapy treatments that can assist in reducing or eliminating pain include soft tissue and joint mobilization exercises, taping, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation. 

Avoid Surgery

Physiotherapy, if it's able to alleviate your pain or help to heal an injury you are experiencing, can actually entirely avoid the need for surgical intervention as a treatment method. If your recovery from your health issue will eventually need to be treated with a surgical procedure, physical therapy will often be prescribed by your doctor anyway. The treatment plan designed for you in these cases will help to prepare your body for surgery and speed your recovery. 

When preparing for a surgery, being as healthy and physically fit as possible will not only reduce the chance of complications which may arise from the surgery, but it can improve your recovery time and speed the healing process after the operation has been completed.

Management of Women's Health

Physiotherapy can benefit women in a number of different ways, preventing and addressing health issues surrounding pregnancy and postpartum recovery as well as all throughout a woman's life.

Physical therapy can also be used as a treatment for a number of different health issues affecting women, including breast cancer, urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, fibromyalgia, and constipation.  

Improves Mobility

Regardless of how old or young you are, physiotherapy is able to help you to recover from issues walking, standing, or undertaking regular movement. Physical therapists are able to provide your with strength training to help you restore your body's function to what it was before.

They are also able to fit you with any assistive devices you might need, from cans, and crutches to orthotic prescriptions and more. Physiotherapists are also able to design customized treatment plans for you needs, targeting the root cause of your reduced mobility, whether that be an injury to a stroke, to help ensure your best possible recovery and your personal safety during the process.

Are you experiencing a painful condition, injury, or other health issue?

Our Orleans physiotherapist team can help you to reduce and alleviate your pain and restore function to your body.

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