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5 Tips to Remember When Looking For a Physiotherapist

5 Tips to Remember When Looking For a Physiotherapist

Like with any other medical professional, physiotherapists are governed by standards of service as they help you recover. You might not know what to keep an eye out for when looking for a new physiotherapist. Here, our Orleans physiotherapy team explain 5 things you should keep in mind when looking for a new physical therapist. 

When searching for a new physiotherapist, it can be easy to be intimidated or overwhelmed by the process. You may not know what things should be your highest priorities, or even what you are looking for at all. Here are 5 different thinks to keep an eye out for when you are beginning the process of choosing your new physical therapist:

1. What are their qualifications?

Just like with any other healthcare professional, it's important that you ensure your prospective physical therapist is full accredited and licensed to practice. In Ontario, physiotherapists are required to have graduated from an accredited institution. 

You can always ask to see their certifications or, if you live in Ontario, you can easily check your prospective physical therapist's standing with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario's public registry of licensed physiotherapists. 

2. Are they conveniently located?

When thinking about what you are looking for in a physiotherapist, the location should be key! Not only is a physical therapy clinic more convenient to travel to and access when it is close to your home. However, depending on the health issue you are experiencing, the distance you have to travel may become a much more significant factor.

When suffering from issues with  pain or mobility, or if you're recovering from surgery, it may be wise to avoid driving or walking for long distances. 

While this may be so, extra travel time can also be worth it. May of our patients are more than happy to travel some distance to see us. They cite our success rates, gym equipment and clinic setup as reasons for being willing to do so. 

At the end of the day, travel time is an important consideration as you go through the process of choosing a physiotherapist, but it should be weighed against other factors as well.

3. What are their areas of focus?

Physical therapy is a broad umbrella which contains may different kinds of practices and treatments. It's important, when considering a prospective physiotherapist, that they offer the kinds of treatment which will be most effective for you in your specific case. There are many different areas of physiotherapy which a practitioner or clinic may specialize in, from pelvic floor therapy and cardiovascular physiotherapy to jaw and neck pain. 

When speaking with your prospective physiotherapist, make sure you ask about what they would suggest for the kinds of health issues you are experiencing. It may also be worth it to inquire whether or not they offer an alternative treatment that you would prefer, too.

4. Do they have a good reputation?

Before committed to a physiotherapists, it's generally a good idea to check whichever websites you usually use to look at patient reviews. While good and bad reviews on their own often don't mean very much, if a physiotherapy clinic has been operating for a long time and doesn't have very many positive reviews, that can be a red flag.

If you are prescribed physiotherapy by your doctor, ask them if they have recommendations too. Often, your physician will have a physiotherapist that they trust to recommend to you.

5. What is their availability?

It may not actually matter how well you and your new physical therapist work together if you can't get an appointment with them at a time which works for you or if you can't see them often enough. Small physiotherapy clinics can offer excellent treatments, however, smaller staff may be booked up more often than larger centers who have a wider roster of staff and space for appointments. 

If you are suffering from discomfort or pain, the last thing you need is to be put on a waiting list. It is important to ask a prospective physiotherapist about how soon they will be able to see you and begin treatment. 

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