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Recover Fast from Sports Injuries

Recover Fast from Sports Injuries

For people that live healthy and active lives by going to the gym or participating in sports, injuries (especially minor ones) are almost inevitable. However, not every sports injury requires extensive downtime to heal. This recovery time can be assisted by our Orleans physiotherapists. Here, we explain more. 

Whether you are a weight lifter, a long-distance runner or a hockey player, sports injuries are liable to occur to even the most careful person. Depending on how severe your injury is, you may have reduced mobility, pain and impacted performance that may lats anywhere from days to months! However, this doesn't always have to be the case. 

You may have only heard of sports physiotherapy as something high-performing and professional athletes rely on in order to help with their recovery from injuries. While it is the case that athletes do undergo sports physical therapy treatments, this mode of physiotherapy isn't reserved for people at the top o their sport of physical pursuit.  

While some very serious injuries take months to heal, even with the help of physiotherapy, sports injury physiotherapy can significantly help aid and speed your recovery from an injury as well as strengthen your muscles to help ensure that the same issues don't arise again in the future. 

Sports Injury Physiotherapy

Sports injury physiotherapy is a variety of treatment offered at physiotherapy centers that, as suggested by its name focuses on the treatment and rehabilitation of either acute or degenerative injuries that patients may have sustained through the course of activities such as sports. We also want to make sure that recovery exercises and movements are tailored not just to your day-to-day life, but to sport-specific actions in order to minimize the chances of further reinjury. 

The treatments offered by our Nepean physiotherapists are designed to aid in the recovery from sports injuries, restore mobility, increase strength in the affected parts of the body and encourage good habits to reduce the chances of serious injury to the same area again in the future.   

Some of the treatments we offer to rehabilitate sports injuries include:

  • Stabilization with taping or bracing.
  • Manual Therapy for joint and tissue restrictions or stiffness.
  • Dry Needling or Acupuncture for the management of pain and swelling.
  • Active exercises to restore flexibility, strength, endurance and balance.
  • Ultrasound and other electrotherapy agents for the management of acute injuries through the inflammatory phase of healing.

Using any of the above treatments in combination with one another based on the needs of your specific sports injury, our physical therapists are able to help to speed up your rate of recovery and rehabilitation back to your normal levels of strength, activity and mobility. With that being said, the best tool in the belt of a physiotherapist is preventive physiotherapy treatments used to address the development of sports injuries before they have a chance to become fully-fledged health issues. 

Preventing Sports Injuries With Physiotherapy

When your body is in good shape and you have an understanding of how you can tailor your exercises to injuries you may be predisposed to or early-stage degenerative injuries, you can help to ensure that if and when you do experience a sports injury, it is minor and easily rehabilitated. 

As with many varieties of healthcare, prevention is actually the best way that you can help ensure that sports injuries such as inflamed muscles or tendons are recoverable as quickly as possible. Not only does prevention stop injuries from occuring in the first place, but they can also set your body up for success in its recovery from any number of different kinds of sports injuries. 

Preventive Physiotherapy in Orleans

As part of the preventive sports injury physiotherapy offered at our Nepean physical therapy center, we will schedule pre- and post-season assessments. These appointments involved our professionals taking a comprehensive look at your muscle balances to ensure that your body is working optimally, year round! 

We will speak with you about any previous injuries you might have sustained, any potential issues we have identified in your body at this moment, and concerns you have about your training. We will work with you to create a custom preventive physiotherapy treatment plan, including prescribed exercises, manual therapies and stabilization of weakened parts of your body. This treatment plan will help to reduce your risk of injury and improve your overall performance by enhancing your strength, mobility and more!

We are accepting in-person and virtual appointments.

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